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   Beijing time on October 7, the finals G4 kicked off. According to the Associated Press, Adebayor, who was previously absent due to a neck injury, is back in this game! It is a pity that Dragic, who suffered a torn plantar fascia, will not play.


   The Lakers are still in response to all changes. The starters of this game are still the top three and Green and Pope. Vogel said before the game: "In the past two games, the team has not played the defense it deserves. For the championship, we must play better."


   With Adebayor, the Heat made the offense even more handy. Reba counterattacked and scored quickly and scored the first point of the comeback. The Heat's team basketball continues to work, and scores are blooming everywhere.

与阿德巴约一起,热火使进攻更加方便。 Reba进行了反攻并迅速得分,并取得了复出的第一分。热火队的篮球继续运转,比分四处开花。

   The Lakers' defense still failed to find the form at the beginning, but the offensive end has improved significantly. Pope has full firepower and scored 8 points on all 3 shots! Tielin was unwilling to show weakness and also hit a three-pointer! Wolongfengchi has exerted strength.


   Lao Zhan no longer hesitates, the full Zhan mode is turned on, after stealing, topping Shiro, and directly taking off to bomb the basket! James: Was it your kid's crooked mouth in the last game?


   The role players on the Lakers side played well, but the Heat relied on Butler to bite the score. At the end of the first quarter, the Lakers led by 5 points 27-22. Pope scored 4 of 6 in the first quarter, 2 of 3 from three, and scored 10 points.


   In the second quarter, the situation changed suddenly, and the Heat's role players also awakened! A wave of attacks directly surpassed. Lao Zhan and Adebayor got on the bar. After each other's 2+1, Lao Zhan once again used 1 to 5 unique skills to break through the Heat's dunks to stop the bleeding!

在第二季度,情况突然改变了,热火的角色扮演者也被唤醒了!一波攻击直接超过了。老詹和阿德巴约进入酒吧。在彼此的2 + 1之后,老詹再次运用1到5种独特的技巧突破热火的扣篮,以止血!

   Butler is not a vegetarian, even if your old Zhan is more powerful, I dare to face you head-on! Lao Zhan once again went to the basket, JB took off first, and Lao Zhan was in the air!


   At the last attack of the half, the Lakers had 3.1 seconds left after Hiro scored. Rondo rushed to the front court, but Caruso was injured and Lao Zhan chose to give up the attack. After all, the opportunity was rare, Rondo was still a little angry and smashed the ball to the ground. Later, the official report indicated that Kazuya suffered a contusion on his right hip but could continue the game.


   At the end of the second quarter, the Lakers led 49-47 by two points. Although leading, but the Lakers' old problems are still very serious, there were 9 turnovers in the half, of which Lao Zhan had an exclusive 5, still need to be controlled.


   Easy side to fight again, Da Mo started instead of Spark. The Lakers' changes achieved a miraculous effect. Old Zhan first completed the go-ahead with a long three-pointer, and then played an alternative Zhan eyebrow connection, and made an empty cut to pick the basket.


   In fact, the two teams compete in defense, and the first to find the loophole can take the initiative. In the face of the Heat's shrinking defense, Zhan Mei took out a deadly three-pointer! After Lao Zhan found the feel, his thick eyebrows were also hit! The sky in Orlando is overcast.


   At the end of the third quarter, the Lakers led 75-70 by 5 points. It is worth mentioning that the Lakers' inside kills were not effective in this game. After three quarters, they only got 9 free throws. In contrast, the Heat received 24 free throws.


   In the final decisive battle, the Lakers' kills finally had some effect. The thick eyebrows on the defensive end that are not restricted by fouls are really scary! The inside line will cover the sky, please Naen to eat hot pot! Lao Zhan felt hot, facing JB turned over and hit a jumper! Stop the heat directly.


   A situation that the Lakers did not want to see happened. In a entanglement under the basket, Davis was tripped by a fallen Kaka. When he fell, he landed on his shoulder and stayed on the ground for a long time before he got up. This ball really scared the Lakers into a cold sweat.


   All the Heat came on top, and Zhan Mei was desperate, and the scores of the two teams were very close. Pope really has a beginning and an end, the critical moment is a conversion three-pointer! After that, Dun Luo scored a layup! The Lakers lead 95-88!


   At the last moment, Noong Mei received a pass from Rondo, and Adebayor made a three-pointer from outside the three-point line! Kill the game directly!

在最后一刻,Noong Mei接到Rondo的传球,而Adebayor在三分线外罚了三分!直接杀死游戏!

   At the end of the game, the Lakers made another 102-96 victory, winning the match point with a total score of 3-1. James scored 28 points, 12 rebounds and 8 assists. He had 22 points, 9 rebounds and 4 assists, Pope 15 points and 5 assists, Rondo 2 points, 7 rebounds and 5 assists. It is worth mentioning that, counting this, the Lakers' three quarter-leading game this season is 56 wins and 0 losses!


   On the Heat's side, Butler had 22 points, 10 rebounds and 9 assists, Hilo had 21 points and 7 rebounds, Adeba had 15 points and 7 rebounds, and Duncan Robinson had 17 points.


   Both sides will rest for 2 days next, and the fifth game will be played on October 10. The old rules, like the Heat's counterattack, and the Lakers who won the five games are watching the assembly!