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0-5! China Fortune Landlord has surrendered the biggest loss in team history, and watched Evergrande move from in front of itself to the top four. The first round of the contest that left enough suspense lost its meaning in Evergrande's full firepower. Huaxia Happiness, who wants to break the wrist with Evergrande, is far more embarrassed than expected.

0-5! 《中国财富》杂志的房东输给了球队历史上最大的损失,并注视着恒大从排在前四名的位置。第一轮比赛留下了足够的悬念,失去了恒大的全部火力。想要与恒大决裂的华夏幸福,比预期的要尴尬得多。

On the one hand, the head coach Xie Feng's father has just passed away, and the team is still immersed in grief. Xie Feng, who left the competition area, was unable to direct the team, and the pressure left on the team changed from a reversal to how to get out of the quagmire. On the other hand, the frequent movement of personnel in the China Fortune Gaolat and Fernando in the Guangzhou Evergrande team made the "northern giants" in the news always live in the shadow of Evergrande.


What's more, this is a contest of life and death.


It's just that for him, Micro Motion's season reimbursement made him unable to come up with such a four-back combination. Fortunately, Wu Shaocong's timely appearance allowed Kashuai to retain the largest patent right on the combination of four central defenders. The arrangement of the frontcourt has always been a headache for him. Now that Wei Shihao hasn't been able to play the full court, he had to let Exon wronged on the wing.


However, at the beginning of the game, the first surprise was Huaxia Fortune, who was behind in total score. If the last game was a complete bus swing, then this one will drive the bus directly to everyone's faces. Memishevich rushes forward whenever he has a chance, and the team's play is more direct.

但是,在比赛开始时,第一个惊喜是总成绩落后的《华夏财富》。如果最后一场比赛是一次完整的公共汽车摆荡,那么这将直接将公共汽车驶向每个人的脸。 Memishevich只要有机会就向前冲,球队的比赛更加直接。

After attacking, China Fortune is waiting for a goal to boost morale.


However, Huaxia Fortune seems to be obsessed with offensive tactics, and it has become a one-on-one long pass from the backcourt. Especially in the backcourt and wing, once there is a close approach, the most choice is to pass directly to the frontcourt.


Of course Cannavaro smelled this. But he must first solve his own problem, how to deal with the tactical relationship between Exon and Talisca.


At the top, Fernando became the team's center, or played a pseudo-ninth role. In these 10 minutes, Evergrande fans are ready to enjoy the performance.


First, Talisca's long-range firing after Fernando made the ball, and then Paulinho assisted Fernando's world wave. In addition to the 3 goals in the first round, Evergrande actually ended the battle in the first half.


Not to mention Paulinho, who had a mess in the frontcourt, just to say that Yin Hongbo's confident passing is enough for the team's offensive fluency to drink a pot. At least 60 minutes ago, you could see China Fortune’s offense like this.


Exon turned around in front of the goal as if passing and shooting, and the little motorcycle that followed arrived with full speed and slapped his horse. Regardless of Exxon's state of the game, the situation now is that Evergrande has led the opponent 3-0. There is not much room left for the imagination of China Fortune fans.


In the middle of Baota, the low-level shot is as simple as done in training. After Huaxia Fortune completed the substitution adjustments of Paulinho and Yin Hongbo, it also announced that the team had given up the opportunity to move forward.

在宝塔中间,低级射击就像训练中一样简单。在《华夏财富》完成对Paulinho和Yin Hongbo的换人调整之后,它还宣布团队已放弃前进的机会。

If the game ends with a score of 4-0, Huaxia Fortune fans seem to be able to comfort themselves, at least not a humiliating defeat beyond history. However, Paulinho's light shot in 80 minutes directly nailed the game to the shame of the China Fortune team.


There is only one truth, and only by letting it go can you get the results you want. Huaxia Xingfu's army attack also exposed its defensive deficiencies. Rather than fighting hard, it is better to say that the temporary adjustment of the tactics made the team appear uncharacteristically uncomfortable. Of course, only defense cannot win the championship, but no offense will not give the team a chance to go further.


Evergrande took a half-time game to sit in the semi-finals. Now they only need to wait, waiting for the survivors from the fight between Luneng and Guoan. Sometimes strength is so cruel in the face of hard work. Evergrande, which has almost completed the ultimate evolution in the domestic arena, only needs to constantly polish itself and enter the game.