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Netease Sports reported on September 27:


In the away game against West Brom, coach Lampard handed the armband to Thiago Silva, who has just joined the club recently. This is of course an affirmation of him and an expectation of him. He is no stranger to the position of captain, but he plays it! The Blues conceded 3 goals in less than 30 minutes of the game. Thiago Silva led the defense to make many mistakes, and his personal super low-level error was directly given to the opponent.

在与西布朗的客场比赛中,教练兰帕德将臂章交给了刚刚加入俱乐部的蒂亚戈火狐直播app下载·席尔瓦。这当然是对他的肯定和对他的期望。他对队长的职位并不陌生,但是他扮演了!蓝军在比赛不到30分钟的时间内失球3次。蒂亚戈·席尔瓦(Thiago Silva)带领防守犯了许多错误,他的个人超低位错误直接传给了对手。

Chelsea's loss of the ball is almost a collection of various performances of defending personal errors. The first goal was lost less than 4 minutes into the game. It was Marcos Alonso, who was criticized countless times but was still able to sit firmly on the main force. His backcourt dropped the ball directly to the opponent, leaving a lot of space behind him. Pereira's breakthrough and accurate passing assisted Robinson to score the first goal.

切尔西的失球几乎是防守个人错误的各种表现的集合。第一个进球在比赛不到4分钟的时间内丢失了。是马科斯·阿隆索(Marcos Alonso),无数次受到批评,但仍然能够坚定地坐在主要力量上。他的后场直接将球丢给了对手,在他身后留下了很多空间。佩雷拉(Pereira)的突破性突破和准确的传球帮助罗宾逊(Robinson)取得了第一球。

If Alonso’s mistakes are not new, the brother-in-law’s mistakes are speechless. Experienced and known for his stability, he almost performed the most incomprehensible mistake of his career. Faced with the teammate’s unfavorable speed, speed, angle and tricky pass, Thiago Silva didn’t think about how to deal with it, so he drove the ball and missed it inexplicably without stepping on it, but Robinson stole it. A straight shot, after stealing the ball, strode into the penalty area with a calm push to expand the score.

如果阿隆索(Alonso)的错误不是新的,那小the的错误就无语了。经验丰富并以稳定着称,他几乎犯了职业中最不可理解的错误。面对队友不利的速度,速度,角度和棘手的传球,蒂亚戈·席尔瓦(Thiago Silva)没有考虑如何处理,于是他开车将球踢出,没踩就莫名其妙地错过了球,但罗宾逊偷了球。抢断球后,直射大步进入罚球区,并轻轻推动以扩大比分。

When Aspilicueta was not on the court, although his younger sister-in-law joined recently, his experience and leadership were appreciated and trusted by Lampard, but the first time he wore an armband, he had such a poor performance. , It is really doubtful that the younger sister-in-law who joined the Blues was the same one who was extremely brave in Milan and Paris Dinghai Shenzhen?

当Aspilicueta不在球场上时,尽管他的小sister子最近加入了,但他的经验和领导才能受到兰帕德的赞赏和信任,但是他第一次戴臂章时却表现不佳。 ,加入蓝军的年轻joined子和在米兰和巴黎定海深圳非常勇敢的那个家伙真的值得怀疑吗?

Thiago Silva's disaster performance is not the worst result. Just 2 minutes later, the third goal came, and it can still be counted as a personal error. This time it is the teenager Rees James. The Blues defended with a corner kick, and James, who returned to the goal, gave the opponent a lot of space in front of the goal. The moment Bartley, who finally completed a shot, West Brom finished the shot. No one defended within 5 meters of the goal. , So that almost no players reacted to Chelsea after scoring, because there was no such big defensive loophole behind him.

蒂亚戈·席尔瓦(Thiago Silva)的灾难表现并不是最糟糕的结果。仅仅2分钟后,第三个目标就到了,仍然可以算作个人失误。这次是少年里斯·詹姆斯(Rees James)。蓝军用一个角球防守,回到球门的詹姆斯为球门前的对手留出了很大的空间。巴特利(Bartley)最终完成了射门一刻,西布朗(West Brom)完成了射门。在目标5米内没有人防守。 ,几乎没有人得分后对切尔西做出反应,因为他身后没有太大的防守漏洞。