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Text/"Daily Telegraph"


Author/Mike McGrath

作者/ Mike McGrath

Leeds United played in the two Premier League games this season, resulting in a total of 14 goals, they are the most noteworthy team this season. What is hidden behind Bielsa's tactics? Which players are the key players in implementing this strategy?

利兹联队本赛季参加了两场英超联赛,总共取得了14个进球,是本赛季最值得一提的球队。 Bielsa的策略背后隐藏着什么?哪些参与者是实施此策略的关键参与者?

When Bielsa left his office and stepped into the training ground of the Leeds United Training Base, it was time for the players to practice "murder football". This is the original training method of the Argentine coach. In fact, it is an 11-to-11 intra-team training game. The game lasts for 45 minutes without any interruption. In this corner of West Yorkshire, the tactical concept of the Argentine boss has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.


After encountering Klopp's "heavy metal football" in the first game of the season, Leeds United defeated Fulham in the second round, and for the first time allowed people to truly see Bielsa's tactical style.


Guardiola respects Bielsa, but the Argentine coach's tactical style is completely different from the Manchester City coach's passing control concept.


Leeds' offense relies on the forward players constantly interspersing and running, throwing off their guards, midfield organizers will risk mistakes and use more difficult passes to find forward teammates.


When the opponent has possession of the ball, Leeds United's 4-1-4-1 formation can become 5-2-3.


This means that Harrison, the young winger on loan from Manchester City for the third consecutive season, will run out of breath every time he makes his appearance. Bielsa once said that Harrison is capable of playing the role of "full-back, midfielder and even winger". This is no exaggeration: Bielsa expects him to contribute as much in the frontcourt as in the backcourt.


When Leeds United tries to launch an attack from the defense, the forward players will always intersperse and run constantly, constantly pressing the opponent. In the game against Fulham, Bamford was their most efficient forward, although he was exhausted because of his continuous running and was replaced in the 70th minute.


This month, a rookie who has just completed his England debut has played a vital role in Bielsa's team. The main defensive midfielder Phillips admitted that the Argentine coach has a huge influence on his playing style.


"I think I can play any position in the midfield, but he knows what position suits me best, and he knows what position he wants me to play," Phillips said. "He wants us to be 100% engaged in training every day. He Let us watch the video of the game and tell us what went wrong and what we did well-the main emphasis is naturally our problem."

菲利普斯说:“我认为我可以在中场担任任何职位,但他知道什么职位最适合我,他知道他希望我担任什么职位。” “他希望我们每天100%参加培训。他让我们观看比赛视频,并告诉我们哪里出了问题以及我们做得如何,主要的重点自然是我们的问题。”

Phillips won the nickname "Pirlo of Yorkshire" for a reason, because he can send threatening passes from a defensive midfield position, and he is more keen to move forward than pull sides or retracements.

菲利普斯(Phillips)之所以赢得绰号“约克郡的皮尔洛(Pirlo of Yorkshire)”,是因为他可以从防守型中场位置发给威胁性传球,而且他热衷于向前突破而不是撤退或撤退。

Without the ball, the central defender pressed to the frontcourt and he would instinctively withdraw his protection. In the game against Fulham last Saturday, midfielder Cooper stared at Mitrovic and moved into a deeper position in the midfield. Phillips then retreated to the central defender. Similarly, wingback Aylin often dribbles the ball forward, playing the role of "transition wingback", appearing in the midfielder position, because he knows that Phillips should fill the gap he left.


Bielsa admitted that he was worried about losing 7 goals in the first two Premier League games. His team recently added a central defender-after Koch joined, they brought in Diego Llorente from Real Sociedad. Llorente, who has a transfer fee of 20 million pounds, has officially joined through a medical examination. His arrival may solve Leeds United’s defensive problems.


Bielsa also wants to buy a midfielder, but it is more difficult to introduce DePaul from Udinese. Pablo Hernandez will undoubtedly increase Leeds United's midfield strength after recovering from injury. Before the game against Fulham, the veteran was knocked in the groin during warm-up and missed the game.

比尔萨也想购买一名中场球员,但引进乌迪内斯的德保罗要困难得多。帕勃罗·埃尔南德斯(Pablo Hernandez)受伤康复后,无疑将增加利兹联的中场实力。在与富勒姆(Fulham)比赛之前,这位老将在热身期间被腹股沟撞倒并错过了比赛。

Goalkeeper Mellie joined Leeds a year ago. His abilities have left a deep impression on his teammates, but he can also benefit from real competition. In terms of offense, Bielsa may be able to introduce a right-footer to balance his lineup.


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