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Shortly after the opening, they took the lead through a penalty kick. After changing sides, they suppressed their opponents for a long time. Manchester United failed to turn the advantages of the early two halves into a victory. The experienced Sevilla had the last laugh. The competition between the two starting lineups is difficult to compare. Lopetegui's substitution has achieved miraculous results, and Solskjaer's on-the-spot adjustment is much lagging behind. From the FA Cup semi-final defeat to the two consecutive Europa League matches, Manchester United’s recent momentum has fallen significantly from its unbeaten stage earlier. Solskjaer’s main lineup has exposed many problems, and some positions have been cited. The aid upgrade is imminent.

开幕后不久,他们通过点球大战领先。双方改变立场后,他们压制了很长一段时间的对手。曼联未能将前两半的优势转化为胜利。经验丰富的塞维利亚笑到最后。很难比较两个首发阵容之间的竞争。 Lopetegui的替补取得了奇迹般的成绩,Solskjaer的现场调整远远滞后。从足总杯半决赛到连续两届欧罗巴联赛,曼联的近期势头均较之前的不败阶段大幅下降。索尔斯克亚(Solskjaer)的主要阵容暴露了许多问题,并列举了一些职位。援助升级迫在眉睫。

"Sevilla is very organized. We have to control the ball and break their oppression. We have to play smartly, be creative, control the last pass and the goal, and score more goals than they do. That's it." Solskjaer's speech before the game has leaked the "military aircraft". His strategy is to actively fight for the ball, rely on a strong frontcourt to suppress the opponent and reduce the defense.


In this season's Premier League Big6 minor league, Manchester United's scoring is second only to excellent Liverpool. Solskjaer has chosen a three-back/five-back system in many strong dialogues. In the quarter-finals, the Wolves team with three central defenders failed to withstand the impact of Seville, which may have an impact on Solskjaer's pre-match preparations. Solskjaer has presented the main lineup that has recently been ground up. The young Brandon Williams has made consecutive starts. The midfielder combination is Pogba and Fred, and Matic is retained as a back player.

在本赛季的英超联赛Big6小联盟中,曼联的得分仅次于出色的利物浦。索尔斯克亚在许多激烈的对话中都选择了三后卫/五后卫的系统。在四分之一决赛中,狼队和三名中后卫未能承受塞维利亚的冲击,这可能会影响索尔斯克亚的赛前准备。索尔斯克亚(Solskjaer)提出了最近刚建立的主要阵容。年轻的布兰登·威廉姆斯(Brandon Williams)已经连续发车。中场组合是Pogba和Fred,而Matic被保留为后卫。

Lopetegui used the starting lineup he had beaten the Wolves. Banega cruised between the midfield and the guard line. Sevilla's formation switched between 433 and three central defenders, and the two offensive midfielders alternated. Withdraw, the full-back is deeply involved in the offense. The wing is the focus of the competition. The key to affecting the trend of the game is whether Manchester United can successfully complete the starting speed during the defensive transition.


After Lopetegui took office, he changed the military strategy of the frequent changes in the Machin era and concentrated on organizing offense and defense within the 433 structure. The delayed midfielder Fernando's vision and ability to get rid of are problems. Sevilla relied on Haldane and Banega's retracement to get the ball to promote the attack. Manchester United chose to be more cautious on the defensive end of this campaign. After a wave of frontcourt press after the opening did not work, they fell into position to defend. Solskjaer did not arrange for someone to mark Banega, and Seville's offensive organization went smoothly.

罗佩吉(Lopetegui)上任后,他改变了马钦(Machin)时代频繁变化的军事战略,并专注于在433结构内组织进攻和防御。延迟的中场球员费尔南多的视野和摆脱能力的问题。塞维利亚依靠Haldane和Banega的回撤来获得球来促进进攻。曼彻斯特联队在此役的防守端选择了更加谨慎。开场后一波前场新闻不起作用,他们陷入防守阵地。 Solskjaer没有安排任何人来标记Banega,塞维利亚的进攻组织进展顺利。

Luke Shaw's injury had a great impact on Manchester United's offense and defense, and Wan Bi Saka, who was upgraded to a strong rear drive, had a mediocre assist effect. Sevilla invested heavily in the organization of the side attack, Manchester United's side passage was easily cut off by the opponent, the pressure was transferred to Pogba and Rashford.


In the match between Pogba and Matic, Manchester United's double midfielder repeatedly lost the ball when under pressure. Fred did not solve this problem in two consecutive Europa League starts. Bruno Fernandez has a limited role in the advancing stage, and Manchester United can only rely on Rashford's retracement to ensure the offensive advancement.

在Pogba和Matic之间的比赛中,曼联的中场双重球员在压力下屡屡失球。弗雷德在连续两个欧罗巴联赛首发中都没有解决这个问题。布鲁诺·费尔南德斯(Bruno Fernandez)在晋级阶段的作用有限,曼联只能依靠拉什福德的回撤来确保进攻的发展。

While coaching the Spanish national team, Lopetegui established a modern transmission and control system, and Sevilla is the ideal carrier to practice his coaching philosophy. Increase the number of vertical passes in short passes, dare to try straight and behind, do a lot of interspersed running around the core players, use long passes to lead the sideline shingled offense, try to avoid unnecessary footfalls and inefficient ball control. Sevilla’s pass puts a lot of pressure on Manchester United’s defense. Players have strong ball-handling ability in fights and confrontations. Teammates are also very timely in response to the ball holder, and they also control the second drop point. Very in place.


After the attack developed to 40 meters in the front field, Sevilla made great use of the width of the field. Full-backs and wingers run overlapping to form a partial two-on-one; full-backs and wingers use the kick wall to penetrate into the penalty area; wingers are responsible for pulling the sides, and full-backs attack the side...the coordination between the Seville wing players is at least There are three kinds of routines, the connection between Banega and the two wings is unimpeded, and the Andalusian offensive is continuous.


Inability to implement frontcourt pressure, and no five-back defense line to fill the backcourt space, Manchester United struggled after falling into position to defend. Seville mainly attacked the wing. Solskjaer used the forwards to occupy the two wings, which caused the space between the wingers and the wingbacks to become larger. The four defenders did not respond well and cooperated when they retreated. The situation will be very dangerous if the restricted area is filled with people’s heads.


Manchester United was able to regain control of the game in the early part of the second half, firstly because of the physical advantage brought by one day off, secondly by strengthening the restrictions on Banega, and thirdly because of the increased connection between Pogba and Bruno Fernandez. Manchester United have the upper hand in the midfield confrontation.


In the last two Europa League games, Manchester United has completed 46 shots, but only scored two penalty kicks. The offensive efficiency of the sports war is extremely low. Luke Shaw is absent, Rashford has not been able to adjust to the high point, Pogba devoted his energy to the advancing stage, Manchester United's past strong left-sided offensive threat is greatly reduced, has been trained as a center technical horse. Charles had to return to the left and became the vanguard of positional warfare. Lack of adequate support, Martial has repeatedly fallen into a heavy siege, and the La Liga defender has the advantages of flexible feet and a strong sense of defense.

在最近的两场欧罗巴联赛比赛中,曼联已经完成46次射门,但只获得了2个点球。体育战争的进攻效率极低。卢克·肖(Luke Shaw)缺席,拉什福德(Rashford)未能适应高点,波格巴(Bogba)将精力投入到推进阶段,曼联过去的强大左侧进攻威胁大大降低,已被训练为中锋技术马。查尔斯不得不回到左边,成为阵地战的先锋。缺乏足够的支持,武术屡屡陷入重围,西甲后卫的优势是脚掌灵活,防御意识强。

When Banega was restricted, no one in Seville could stand up to share his organizational pressure. Lopetegui had to take the lead in making substitution adjustments. He hoped that Munir could strengthen the midfielder's possession. , Using center Luc De Jong to simplify the backcourt advancement. However, in a high-intensity game environment, Munir and Luc De Jong's role is very limited, and the pressure on the Seville defense has not been relieved.

当Banega受限制时,塞维利亚的任何人都无法站起来分担他的组织压力。 Lopetegui必须带头进行替代调整。他希望穆尼尔(Munir)能够加强中场的控制力。 ,利用中锋Luc De Jong简化后场进攻。但是,在高强度的比赛环境中,穆尼尔(Munir)和卢克·德钟(Luc De Jong)的角色非常有限,塞维利亚防守的压力并未缓解。

In the 74th minute, Lopetegui replaced Suso with Franco Vazquez, and Sevilla finally ushered in a frontcourt fulcrum that can withstand the pressure to distribute the ball. Under Sampaoli, Beliso and Machin, Vazquez is the No. 10 player with the responsibilities of a second striker/midfielder. His combination of physique and technique is excellent. In the Lopetegui era, Seville played the main 433 formation. Vazquez could not find a suitable position and was more suitable as a backhand to change the situation. Before Navas assisted Luc De Jong to score, Vazquez used the ball on two consecutive sides to complete the key attack.

在第74分钟,洛佩特吉(Lopetegui)用弗朗哥·巴斯克斯(Franco Vazquez)取代了苏索,塞维利亚终于迎来了一个前场支点,可以承受分配球的压力。在桑帕奥利,贝利索和马钦的带领下,瓦兹克斯排名第十,由第二名前锋/中场负责。他的体格和技术相结合非常出色。在Lopetegui时代,塞维利亚(Seville)发挥了主要的433阵型。巴斯克斯(Vazquez)找不到合适的职位,更适合作为改变局势的反手。在纳瓦斯协助卢克·德·琼(Ru De Jong)得分之前,瓦兹克斯(Vazquez)连续两个侧边使用皮球完成关键进攻。

Signing "5 of 5", activating the old players, creating an extremely efficient new trident, relying on two sets of formations to deal with different opponents, Solskjaer only spent half of the season to create a set of effective main force The lineup, Manchester United has shown a gratifying upward momentum. In the past season, Manchester United has performed well in the strong dialogue. Their points in the Big6 minor league are second only to Liverpool, which is in excellent condition. The performance of Manchester City in the mid-season triple play is impressive. This is similar to Solskjaer. Relatively pragmatic game strategies are inseparable.

签下“ 5之5”,激活老球员,创造出极其高效的新三叉戟,依靠两组阵型与不同的对手打火狐直播app下载交道,索尔斯克亚只花了半个赛季就建立了一支有效的主力阵容,曼彻斯特曼联表现出令人欣喜的上升势头。在过去的赛季中,曼联在激烈的对话中表现出色。他们在Big6小联盟中的得分仅次于利物浦,后者的状况良好。曼城在季中三重赛中的表现令人印象深刻。这类似于Solskjaer。相对务实的游戏策略是密不可分的。

With the addition of Bruno Fernandez, Pogba's "return" and Greenwood's upper position, the number of technical players in Manchester United's starting lineup has surged. Solskjaer has to tilt resources to the center and front. How to ensure the balance of offense and defense has become problem. The first phase of the reconstruction has been initially completed. To complete the leap from the "fourth" to "the championship", Manchester United also needs to continue to invest heavily in strengthening the shortcomings. Solskjaer's personal "practice" is also crucial of.

随着Pogba的“重返”布鲁诺·费尔南德斯和格林伍德的上层位置的加入,曼联首发阵容中的技术球员数量激增。 Solskjaer必须将资源倾斜到中心和前端。如何保证攻守平衡已成为问题。重建的第一阶段已初步完成。为了完成从“第四”到“冠军”的跨越,曼联还需要继续加大投入以弥补这一缺陷。索尔斯克亚的个人“做法”也至关重要。