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【火狐直播app下载】新闻晨报:莫雷诺已恢复训练 金信煜有希望痊愈战亚冠

According to the "Morning News" report, Shanghai Greenland Shenhua captain Moreno's injury has improved and has resumed training, while Jin Xinyu remains to be seen.


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Regarding the injury in the first stage of the league, Cui Kangxi said: "There were many regrets in the first stage. After the foreign aid was injured, we encountered a lot of difficulties. Fortunately, our Chinese players are very hard-working, very tenacious and have overcome many difficulties. , Persisted to the end. It is true that the problem of injury and illness needs to be recovered as soon as possible during this period."


In the last few rounds of the first stage of the league, captain Moreno, Cao Yunding, Yu Hanchao and Zhu Baojie all suffered injuries to varying degrees. The media said that after a few days of rest and rehabilitation, the injuries of these players have improved, and they have all participated in the team's training. However, the team's entire training volume was not large yesterday, and it was basically the recovery training of jogging. The team’s other foreign aid, Mbia, did not appear on the court today, but did physical strength training in the gym. Fortunately, he did not have any serious problems and would not affect the second stage of the game.


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Jin Xinyu, who had suffered a stress fracture of the right tibia before, also appeared at the Kangqiao base today, but he is still doing some simple physical strength training in the strength room. Cui Kangxi said: "The recovery period of Jin Xinyu's injury is not clear yet, and it remains to be seen." According to the media, it is difficult for Jin Xinyu to catch up with the second stage of the league in terms of time. If the recovery goes well, he is hopeful that he will play in the East Asian AFC Champions League tentatively scheduled from November 15th to December 13th.


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