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  Although the French Open is known as an "unpopular hotbed", no one had thought that the Polish teenager Swatek, who played in the professional tour for only the second year, would be born and eventually aspire to this year's women's singles championship. 19-year-old Swatek and 21-year-old Kenning also joined forces to present the youngest Grand Slam women’s singles final lineup since the Australian Open in 2008. The youth storm in the French Open finals is allowing the outside world to witness the balance of women’s tennis power. tilt.

尽管法网被称为“不受欢迎的温床”,但没人想到波兰少年斯瓦泰克(Swatek)才出生,并仅在第二年就参加职业巡回赛,并最终渴望获得今年的女子单打冠军。 19岁的Swatek和21岁的Kenning也联手展示了自2008年澳网以来最年轻的大满贯女单决赛阵容。法网决赛中的青年风暴使外界得以见证平衡女子网球的力量。倾斜。

   Svartek picked up the Susan Langlen Cup and wrote a story that would amaze and extol the outside world. During the French Open last year, the Polish teenager was just a high school student. While preparing for the game, he also had to prepare for the final exams. He rushed back to Warsaw without stopping after the round of 16 to make up classes. She once viewed the relationship between professional tennis and academics in this way, "If I can score in the top 10 in the world, I will temporarily put aside my studies and work hard to win the Grand Slam championship. But if my ranking is still around 100 within two years , Then I will go back to school.” When the tour was suspended this year, Swatek was still outside the 100th place in the world ranking. She successfully completed high school during this period, and then devoted herself to tennis, creating the most shining moment of her career.

Svartek捧起了Susan Langlen杯,并写了一个使外界赞叹不已的故事。去年法国公开赛期间,这位波兰少年当时只是一名高中生。在为比赛做准备的同时,他还必须为期末考试做准备。在第16轮比赛结束后,他不停地返回华沙,补课。她曾经以这种方式看过职业网球与学术界之间的关系:“如果我能跻身世界前十,我将暂时搁置学业并努力赢得大满贯冠军。但是如果我的排名仍然两年之内大约有100个,然后我将回到学校。”当巡回演出在今年中止时,Swatek仍处于世界排名的第100位,在此期间她成功完成了高中,然后投身网球,创造了她职业生涯中最闪亮的时刻。

Looking back on the history of Swatek’s victory in the French Open this year, from defeating last year’s runner-up Wanjosova in the first round, then winning streaks of Xie Shuwei, Bouchard, Halep, Trevisan, Podoloska, and easily defeated Kenning in the final. No opponent can get more than 5 games from the Polish teenager. She has not lost a set in the seven games leading up to the peak and only lost 28 games. Regardless of the score or the technical play, Swatek's answers are convincing. The most praised by the outside world is her masculine forehand and balanced technical and tactical system.

回顾Swatek今年在法国公开赛中获胜的历史,从第一轮击败去年的亚军Wanjosova,然后是谢树伟,Bouchard,Halep,Trevsan,Podoloska的连胜,并在决赛中轻松击败Kenning 。没有对手能从波兰少年那里获得超过5场比赛。她在进入巅峰的七场比赛中没有输球,只输了28场。不论得分或技术表现如何,Swatek的答案都是令人信服的。外界最赞的是她的男性正手性和平衡的技术战术体系。

   Attended the French Open for the first time last year. Swatek was swept by Halep 1-6, 0-6 in the fourth round. She once said, "I was taught a lesson in that game, but I also learned a lot from it." In the fourth round of the French Open this year, Swatek defeated the same 6-1, 6-2 by virtue of an overwhelming offensive advantage. An opponent to lay the foundation for winning. From being swept to sweeping opponents, Swatek attributed this almost all to the improvement of his mentality. “Last year, I was nervous as long as I competed in a big stadium, but now I am completely relaxed.” Although his father is an excellent rower, She represented Poland in the 1988 Seoul Olympics, but when she proposed to her father that she wanted to hire a professional psychologist, she was still opposed, because this is usually the standard for top players such as Nadal. In the end, despite the opposition of his parents, Swatek hired a Polish psychologist since the second half of last year.

去年首次参加法国公开赛。 Swatek在第四轮中被Halep 1-6、0-6横扫。她曾经说过:“我在那个游戏中上了一堂课,但是我从中学到了很多。”在今年的法国公开赛第四轮中,斯瓦特克凭借压倒性的进攻优势击败了同样的6-1、6-2。为对手打下基础。从席卷而来的对手,斯瓦特克几乎都将这归功于他心态的提高。 “去年,只要在一个大型体育场比赛,我就会感到紧张,但现在我完全放松了。”尽管他的父亲是一位出色的划船者,但她代表波兰参加了1988年首尔奥运会,但是当她向父亲提议要聘请专业心理学家时,她仍然反对,因为这通常是纳达尔等顶级运动员的标准。最后,尽管父母的反对,Swatek还是从去年下半年开始聘请了波兰心理学家。

Before the historic Grand Slam final stage, Swatek reminded himself, “Winning is only the result of performance on the court, not the goal.” In the final, facing Australian Open champion Kenning, it was this calmness. The mentality keeps her aggressive from start to finish, focusing on the next point regardless of whether she is leading or being broken. Kenning, who lost one set first, was behind 1-2 in the second set. He changed his clothes and applied for a medical timeout. However, Swatek was not affected. Instead, he played four games in a row and ended up 6-4, 6 1 win the championship.

在历史性的大满贯决赛之前,斯瓦特克提醒自己:“胜利只是场上表现的结果,而不是目标。”在决赛中,面对澳网冠军肯宁,正是这种平静。这种心态使她自始至终保火狐视频app下载安装持积极进取,而专注于下一个要点,而不管她是领导还是被打破。肯宁(Kenning)首先输掉一盘,而第二盘则落后1-2。他换了衣服,申请了医疗超时。但是火狐视频app下载安装,Swatek并没有受到影响。相反,他连续打了四场比赛,最终以6-4,6 1赢得了冠军。

Swatek joked after winning the championship, “There is a new Grand Slam champion in women’s tennis. This is crazy.” The Pole became the 12th new champion in 15 Grand Slam women’s singles finals in the past four years. . The Spanish star Mugurazza summed up the current situation of women’s tennis in the third round of the French Open after losing to the 57th-ranked American player Collins, “You can get out of any round, some players have never seen it before. The performance is impressive."

Swatek在赢得冠军后开玩笑说:“女子网球有了新的大满贯冠军。这太疯狂了。”在过去四年中,波兰人在15个大满贯女单决赛中成为第12位新冠军。 。西班牙球星穆古拉扎(Mugurazza)在输给第57名美国选手柯林斯(Collins)之后总结了法国网球公开赛第三轮女子网球的现状,“您可以退出任何一轮比赛,有些球员以前从未见过。性能令人印象深刻。”

Just as Muguraza said, in the women's tennis without a leader, everyone seems to have the opportunity to break out in a grand slam. Such an open competitive landscape has achieved the achievements of Daban Naomi, Kenning, Swatek, etc. The collective rise of the new generation of players. Whether it is veterans such as Serena Williams, or Mesozoic players such as Muguraza, Kobel, Kvitova, etc., have all lost in the competition with the newcomers.

正如Muguraza所说,在没有领袖的女子网球比赛中,每个人似乎都有机会大满贯爆发。这样开放的竞争格局已经取得了达坂直美,肯宁,斯瓦特克等公司的成就。新一代玩家的集体崛起。无论是像Serena Williams这样的退伍军人,还是像Muguraza,Kobel,Kvitova等中生代球员,都在与新来者的竞争中迷失了方向。

   The eight Grand Slams since the 2018 U.S. Open. Except for Wimbledon champion Halep, the remaining seven events are won by young players under the age of 23. Djokovic spoke highly of the emergence of newcomers in women’s tennis.


   You want to see some familiar faces, because this will attract audiences and fans to watch tennis. But I think that the emergence of young players is a very good phenomenon. Especially in Grand Slam matches, this is very positive for tennis. "20-year-old Andrescu, 21-year-old Kenning, 22-year-old Naomi Osaka, 19-year-old Swatek... these new forces have quietly completed the transfer of power in women’s tennis. Standing under the spotlight on the stage, a new round of competition is slowly unfolding among them. (Wenhui Sports)

您希望看到一些熟悉的面孔,因为这将吸引观众和粉丝观看网球。但是我认为年轻球员的出现是一个很好的现象。特别是在大满贯比赛中,这对网球非常有利。 “ 20岁的Andrescu,21岁的Kenning,22岁的Naomi Osaka,19岁的Swatek ...这些新力量悄悄地完成了女子网球的权力转移。站在聚光灯下在舞台上,新一轮的比赛正在其中逐步展开(Wenhui Sports)