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Tiger Fighting, October 20. In an interview with CBS Sports, Miami international forward Higuain said: “Playing in Europe is under a lot of pressure. I have to prove myself every day. I hope I can find the joy of playing in the major leagues. ."

老虎格斗,10月20日。在接受哥伦比亚广播公司体育采访时,迈阿密国际前锋伊瓜因说:“在欧洲打球面临很大压力。我必须每天证明自己。我希望我能在大联盟中找到乐趣。 。”

"I said in previous interviews that I have always been interested in this league. I used to pay attention to my brother. Then I saw many excellent forwards come here to play and enjoy. They also scored a lot of goals. I think this is an interesting league. I can try it and help me change my environment. I also want to reduce the pressure from the world-class media that I have faced over the years. This is a growing league and I want to come here. To play and want to play happily again, I think Miami International has given me everything I need. This team has grown a lot. I am very happy since I came here. I hope this can be a wonderful experience. The beginning of the experience."


"It is very competitive, and there is indeed room for improvement. When watching it on TV, it may not work well, but overall this is a very aggressive league. As I said before, the central defenders here are all Very strong, this is a wonderful event for the last stage of my career. I want to feel the joy of playing when I was young again. When I was in Europe for various reasons, I lost this joy a bit. I want to stay away from the elite league and all the media pressure. I think the major leagues are a growing league and they will get better in the future."


"Yes, because I have lost this kind of love in the recent period. This is because playing in the elite league requires extremely high media pressure, because every day and every game you have to prove that I have What I’ve proven in my career, the elite leagues have less patience and shorter time. They don’t give you time to prove... Not a proof, they don’t give you time to play football that really makes you happy, I I need to continue to prove myself every day. I think I am a player who already has an excellent career and reputation. So as I said, I came to the United States for many reasons. Now I have been here for more than a month. , I feel very happy and relaxed, but at the same time I also want to compete and play well."


"I am very happy, not only because I can play with him again, but also because the connection between me and my brother, which was cut off by football, is connected again. We used to be able to meet during the holidays. How many times we have seen him on the phone or on the Internet, I still don’t know about him in many ways, and it’s not easy when we are together, because there are also a group of people around, family and friends around, so We basically lost 15 years of living together. Now that we can live in the same city again, in addition to retrieving our connection on the pitch, it’s more important to regain the connection in our lives that was severed by football. Being able to stay with him again is for us to try again to recover the lost time."


"This kind of thing happens to many people. Many families and many brothers are separated because of work. So I think that in addition to working together, it is the most wonderful thing to be able to find the connection between us again."


"As I just said, trying to get back the time we lost, we will also talk about current things and future things, family and children. I think that now we can be with each other is the most important thing. "


"As for the club, this is the most important event in the world. This is a unique event. The theme song of the Champions League, the use of the ball in the Champions League, and the competition against the best teams. This is an event worth enjoying. Now I am more I followed it as a fan, but watching the Champions League game is also very enjoyable. I know I will not play in the Champions League anymore and I will enjoy it on the other side of the TV. This is also wonderful."


"There are a lot of things, my first game, the game I eliminated Tottenham with Juventus, and I almost eliminated Real Madrid at the Bernabéu, it was all at the last minute. I enjoyed that game very much, as well as my progress when I played against Dortmund with Naples. Football, there are many good memories, as well as the memory of playing in the finals. Although we did not win the championship, it is wonderful to experience that atmosphere."


"I have played for them for 4 years. Juventus has been changing the lineup for the past two years. Now they have a new coach and new ideas. But this year is a strange year. Under the influence of the epidemic, we have also seen the game. It’s been a weird year for being forced to time out and not being able to train with the whole team. But for all the teams I have played for, after I leave, I will be very happy if they have a good time."


"As I said before, because I no longer enjoy the game and training, I lost the desire and motivation to continue playing. I think the major leagues may be able to give me that motivation and let me regain motivation. I joined a new team and participated in a new league. This is a highly competitive league. It requires you to show 100% status. Otherwise, you will not be able to give your best. I want to continue to prove that I am still in good shape. At a high level, thank God the team is improving and gaining confidence. We are playing very well. I hope we can finally enter the playoffs. The team had other expectations before, but now we have the first year to play the season. The chances of the playoffs are very good for the Miami International. Everything can happen in the playoffs. I told my teammates that as long as there is a dream, then we must fight for it."


"Look at how long my body can last. As long as I still feel the fire in my body and feel that I am willing to improve every day, then I will continue to kick it. The day the fire goes out is enough for me to say Time, now I have motivation and expectations. I am in a new club. I am very happy to help them grow. This is the most wonderful thing. When I play in Europe, I play for the best clubs. At that time, the expectations were different. At that time, it was necessary to maintain the achievements and status that the team had already obtained. Maybe at that time, it was more not about growth, but more about always winning. But here is the opposite. We are Helping a newly established club become one of the best clubs in the major leagues. This is a huge challenge."


"It feels wonderful to play in the national derby. I was fortunate to see the era of Messi-C Ronaldo duel. It was very wonderful. Unfortunately, we met the strongest Barcelona, ​​but then relying on Mourinho's arrival, everything is more balanced A little bit, it was a very fierce game. There were many stars on the court. It was an honor for me to experience and participate in such a game."